Division 3:屋内環境と照明設計<部会情報>

英語名称 Interior Environment and Lighting Design
部会長 Jennifer Veitch(カナダ)
副部会長 John Mardaljevic(イギリス)、吉澤望(日本)
幹 事 Martine Knoop(オランダ)
編集幹事 Peter Thorns(イギリス)
概 略 To study and evaluate visual factors which influence the satisfaction of the occupants of a building with their environment, and their interaction with thermal and acoustical aspects, and to provide guidance on relevant design criteria for both natural and man-made lighting; as well as to study design techniques, including relevant calculations, for the interior lighting of buildings; incorporating these findings and those of other CIE Divisions into lighting guides for interiors in general, for particular types of interiors and for specific problems in interior lighting practice.
部会HP http://www.cie.co.at/technical-work/divisions/division3


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